False Values Are Infecting All of American Society

Sartre spews bologna

In our U.S. society, the Demcommunists are quite content to reject the moral law and abuse the idea of “natural rights.”  They have embraced the views of many leftist descendants of Karl Marx as well as the atheistic existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre, the French communist philosopher.  He managed to tie together communist political philosophy with radical ideas of individual freedom based on the importance of “becoming” [sic] de-coupled from centuries of philosophy where Being was the foundation for becoming.

In our society, tens of millions of people continue to see drag queens in libraries and classrooms as just good fun, and for the Dems those who object to the delightful gyrations and arrogant humor of the drag queens are people who lack a sense of humor.  Democrats see millions of people crossing our Southern border as people with economic needs not unlike the millions who flooded in between 1890 and 1920, and that restrictions on their arrival are not only un-American, but inhumane or un-Christian.   If we traditionally have been a country of refuge for those who are rejected – even though criminal types may be among them – then we must continue in that mode.  Because the USA is compassionate, we admitted millions of Italians even though the Mafia and Sacco and Vanzetti were among them. We must be guided by the values expressed in Emma Lazarus’ poem on the Statue of Liberty, and not by the harsh, rejecting rhetoric of Trumpian callousness.  

Chemical castration and hormone replacement in children is portrayed as “science” by the Dem perverts, and parents who object are simply behind the times and do not understand that science has expanded our freedom, which includes freedom to

choose one’s gender.  The Dems who support these procedures and the legitimacy of not having to notify parents believe gender transitioning is the price of progress.  Freedom of choice cannot be undermined by ignorance and prejudice.  If you are under 18 and want your breasts cut off or your male organ removed, it’s a dramatic choice, but the very drama of the decision reveals to the masses of Dem voters just how personal the choice is, and how no outsider – even a parent – can put themselves inside the mind of someone afflicted by gender conflicts.  For them, it is the height of compassion to allow a young person to go ahead with gender change (really, sex change) decisions.

Despite Republican hysteria about the expansion of crime, riots, shootings and murders, and psychotic episodes by the homeless and deranged, the Dems see this as an affliction of society brought about by inherent American racism, and a competitive ethos that discards too many people as unworthy and ineffective.  The homelessness and episodes of derangement that occur frequently in all our major cities are portrayed and understood by the Dems – especially those of the far left Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren communist wing of the Party – as representing a failure of our society, i.e., inherent contempt in America for poorer people, for people with maladjustments, and for non-white people who automatically feel and rightly feel alienated from the mores and requirements of so-called normal living in our society.

Strangely yet assuredly, the millions of Democommunist voters see the unraveling of the order and morality of hundreds of years of American life and thousands of years of Western Civilization as being democratic in that the so-called “unraveling” is not an unraveling, but an expansion of democracy that is resisted by entrenched out-of-date mindsets. For them, as a society we are trying to free ourselves from entrenched and rigid structures of family, government, identity, economic values, and outmoded ideas of freedom which allow for too much freedom to reject too many peoples who are deemed out of place – i.e., that allow for the rejection of non-white, non-straight, non-ambitious, non-male, non-female non-successful people. As they and all communists have since the Communist Manifesto was published in 1848, the Dems see themselves and portray themselves insistently and with a sense of the utmost moral superiority over conservatives (and especially conservatives like Trump who have a lion-like confidence) who are dismal reminders for them of an outmoded American, triumphal success ethos.

Lastly, the Democommunist agenda believing itself to be the advocate of true freedom of choice – not a freedom of choice limited by eternal or transcendent values – unlike their conservative opposition, rejects the pro-life position.  President Trump is the only U.S. President to have spoken at a pro-life demonstration.  For them, the pursuit of happiness in liberty is the crucial value in the Declaration of Independence, not life.  They have allowed themselves to claim alliance with true freedom as the ultimate value.  

In this, they follow the philosophy of the atheistic French leftist Jean-Paul Sartre for whom freedom of becoming was the ultimate value. He rejected Being itself as lacking in significance for living.  Rather, writing in French, he advanced the ideal of becoming through freedom – the pour soi – as an ultimate value.  Thus, being true to oneself, being authentic, is the highest attainment.  If you are a pimp and embrace your pimphood wholeheartedly, then you have been the best you that you can be.   There are no other moral considerations in play, no ideas of sin, no ideas of a higher spiritual or moral calling.  The idea of fulfilling the demands of ultimate Being – the en soi – is too identified with the Christian roots of Western Civilization.  The becoming he advances is innovative and future-oriented, and flies in the face of the overly restrictive moral and religious foundations of Western Civilization.

The idea of freedom from God and from moral constraints that follow from drawing near to a holy God is thus the underlying hellbent motive of today’s freedom-loving (sic), humanitarian (sic), and accepting (sic) Democommunists.  The attempt to re-create freedom and right morality based on one’s own conceptions rather than on the conceptions revealed by God and accepted for thousands of years in our Judeo-Christian texts and history – the Biblical values that insist on the male-female identities, the sanctity of life, the wrongness of infant sacrifice, the wrongness of excessive compromises with people who do not share one’s moral and spiritual condition, and the importance of purity in youth, of respect for one’s parents, of not lying, of caring for others but not indulging the propensity to theft, murder, or assault in those others, and acknowledging the difference between morality and perversity, which is an eternal and essential distinction, is the key to successful living and a successful civilization.  When Moses asked God who He was, God’s answer was “I AM WHO AM.”  Today’s Democommunists think they can reply to this answer with a mocking voice filled with ridicule.  I can hear them saying to Almighty God, “Yo dude, who d’ y’ think you are?!”   Because of the blue offenses presented daily in our society, we can be sure that red wave or no, judgment draweth near.

Jeffrey Ludwig

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