Facing the Facts of Facebook

Facing the Facts of Facebook

In recent months, many Christians and Conservatives have abandoned Facebook and closed their accounts on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.  I believe this is a good thing.  I wish I could call it a “mass exodus” from Facebook, but unfortunately, so many people — even dedicated Christians and Conservatives — are so addicted to Facebook, they’re finding it hard to leave, despite the fact that Facebook has shown itself to be blatantly Anti-Christian, among many other troubling things.

The recent surge of people leaving these platforms stemmed from the “in-your-face” hypocrisy of these sites throughout the coronavirus situation and the 2020 elections.  While claiming to be platforms where people can express their thoughts, ideas and information freely, it became clear in 2020 that they’re actually doing the bidding of the New World Order Global Elitists.  These sites are clearly ultra-Leftist and used as brainwashing tools to manipulate human thoughts and behaviors.

I first began using Facebook quite a few years ago, and it seemed harmless enough.  A convenient way to keep in touch with extended family and friends.  But it wasn’t long before I came to realize that there was more going on there than meets the eye.  For example, facial recognition.  Every time you post a photograph of yourself or a group of people — even your children — Facebook runs a facial-recognition program on them.  You’re able to “tag” people with their names so that they’re notified and can then see themselves in the photos you post.  On the surface, this seems like a fun way to share pictures with one another across the miles.  However, now, even without “tagging” photos with individuals’ names, Facebook will do it for you.  They know who the people in the photos are even before you tell them.  Facebook’s facial recognition technology is now 98% accurate — this is better than the software the FBI uses.

In the early days when I began using Facebook, I would get quite a few little games or quizzes popping up on my page.  These were meant to look like “fun” activities.  The games or quizzes would be titled things like, “If you were an animal, what animal would you be?”  Or “Are you more city or country?”   Or “What’s your personality type?  Take the quiz and find out!”   Or even “What would be the best career for you?” Millions of people took these “fun” little quizzes, not realizing that Facebook was capturing all that data and actually profiling your personality — and you personally.

Do you realize that if you use the Facebook Messenger application that your location is constantly being tracked — unless you turn that feature off?  Most people aren’t even aware it’s happening, so never think about turning it off.  Likewise, Facebook is constantly watching you, even when you don’t have it turned on.  Everything you do online or in other applications on your smartphone or home computer is being monitored (and recorded) by Facebook…again, unless you know enough to turn that feature off in your device’s settings.  If you don’t, they know every website you visit, and this data is stored with your personal profile.

One purpose for tracking you and collecting your personal information is so that they know which ads would appeal to you.  The ads you see in your news feed on Facebook are based on things you have looked at elsewhere online… OR even simply talked about while your phone was turned off!  On multiple occasions, my wife and I have been driving, with our phones turned off, talking about a particular subject; and then the next time we turn our phones on, we have ads for that particular item on our Facebook pages — and the ads have sometimes continued for weeks.

Nearly 2 billion people use Facebook on a daily basis. The average American spends   2 1/2 hours every day on Facebook.  Many are so addicted to this social media platform they find it hard to put down.  Even when out to eat with their spouse at a restaurant… even at family gatherings for Christmas.  It’s replaced real human interaction.  Now, instead of having lively personal conversations with one another, family gatherings often consist of people sitting quietly in the same room together, with no one talking.   Instead, you hear the “tap,” “tap” “tap” of tiny keyboards, as young and old alike play on their Facebook pages.

In recent years, things have gotten even worse though.  Facebook actively censors conservative and Christian speech, and they’re no longer even trying to hide that fact.   For example, if you post something such as the testimony of a former homosexual who was saved from that lifestyle and has now come to Christ, it’s very likely that Facebook will completely remove your post for violating their “community standards” — calling your information “hate speech.”   If you post something regarding Christians ministering outside an abortion facility, they’ll do the same thing, calling it “violence” — again, against their “community standards.”  However, when so-called “comedian” Kathy Griffin posed with an effigy of Donald Trump’s severed, bloody head, that photograph was allowed to remain — until public outrage caused Facebook to remove it.  that, apparently, did not violate their “community standards.”

That’s just one example.  In 2020, during the Scam-Demic, when literally hundreds of well-respected medical doctors posted information regarding safe, non-invasive and effective treatments for coronavirus, those videos were labeled “false news” and censored.  Often times, if you say or post something that goes against the Globalist or Leftist agenda, you’ll find yourself in so-called “Facebook jail,” meaning that your account gets suspended for 30 days, or more — until you get your “mind right.”   And while videos of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA burning, looting, destroying and physically attacking people during the 2020 riots were perfectly fine according to the Facebook “community standards,” any mention of the phrase “All Lives Matter” was deemed “hate speech.”  You were warned that you violated “community standards,” your post was removed, and if you did it again, you were thrown in “Facebook jail.”  The epitome of the thought police.

Just about all popular social media sites do the bidding of the Leftist, New World Order agenda.  The same is true of YouTube, Vimeo and other video platforms.  They push things like mandatory masking, the need for vaccines, the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA movements, and most especially the LGBTQP+ agenda.  And they freely allow anti-American rhetoric to abound.  But if you post scientific proof regarding the harm that mask-wearing causes and how masks don’t help the wearers or those around them; if you post scientific studies about non-vaccine treatments for COVID, if you post clear evidence that BLM is a Marxist organization bent on destroying America from the inside out, or anything regarding the sin of homosexuality and the hope of escaping that death-style, …or anything Pro-America, you can expect to be censored, have your post labeled as “fake news,” and/or have your account suspended or canceled completely.

This happened repeatedly to President Donald Trump.  While I’ve never used Twitter, he did — often — as we all know.  Twitter frequently censored the president, and then deleted his account entirely.  The same has happened to thousands of Trump supporters, notably including attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood and the CEO of “My Pillow,” Mike Lindell, just to name a few.  Facebook steadfastly censored everyone claiming the recent election was tampered with in any way, citing articles by their “fact checkers” — and declared Biden the unequivocal winner, even while objections and investigations were still on-going.

Facebook was founded in 2004 by several Harvard University students including Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz.  Zuckerberg, the company CEO, boasts a net worth of more than $94 billion, making him the 4th-wealthiest person in the world.  During the 2020 election, he donated at least $500 million to the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a national nonprofit based out of Illinois.  This money went to provide funding to over 2,500 election offices around the country to run elections.  It paid for poll workers, to acquire mail-in ballot equipment and supplies — and most notably, to pay for unsupervised ballot “drop boxes.”  Six million of those dollars went to Fulton County, Georgia as well as five cities in Wisconsin.  According to a lawsuit by the Thomas Moore Society, accepting funding from a private group like this is barred by state and federal law.

In Georgia for certain, and likely in all the other “battleground” states as well, Zuckerberg’s money allegedly went directly to pay ballot harvesters, deputize and pay political activists to manage ballots and to facilitate hundreds of thousands of questionable ballots in secrecy without legally required observation.

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and his wife, Cari Tuna are the main contributors to an organization known as The Open Philanthropy Project.  According to the Center for Health Security, The Open Philanthropy Project was one of the main sponsors of Event 201 last October.  You remember — the “dry run” planning session for the coronavirus scam that hit the world just weeks later, and has most of the world still locked down, forced to wear masks, quarantine and receive a vaccine as we’re all conditioned to comply with the coming “Great Reset.”

Moskovitz supports a vast myriad of leftist/globalist organizations and he spent nearly $20 million supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, while his wife gave more than $7 million to democrats.  If one still questions whether or not Facebook is biased (at least), and has a dangerous and nefarious agenda behind it (most certainly), you’re simply denying the plain facts.

I admit, Facebook is very handy.  You can do a lot with it, including posting live videos, so it can be a tool for good.  It was used by citizen reporters during the 2020 riots, showing what really took place all across our country… real video footage, which the mainstream media would never show.  I’ve seen countless videos from these citizen reporters, videotaping mainstream news reporters blatantly lying, as they call extremely violent riots “mostly peaceful.”  The mainstream news networks purposely frame the video scenes to show people simply walking on the sidewalk, holding signs and singing.  But the citizen reporter with his smart phone zooms out to show the whole scene — including those throwing bricks through windows, setting things on fire and pulling people out of their cars, beating them bloody.  Such videos are quickly removed by Facebook, by the way, because they show the truth, contradicting the “mostly peaceful” narrative of the mainstream press — but they appear for a short time, until Facebook catches them.

Other citizen reporters posted videos showing empty, deserted hospitals in the midst of the Scam-Demic, while the mainstream press continued to report the virus was “out of control,” and hospitals were “over-run” with patients.  Others showed how Conservative poll-watchers were not allowed to supervise the vote counts across the country, how the election was, quite literally stolen, in living color.  If not for these citizen reporters, we might never have known these things.

Our ministry had two Facebook pages in place; one for our printed newspaper and one for our weekly TV broadcast.  Our Wisconsin Christian News Facebook page had more than 12,000 followers and another 12,000 who “liked” our page — meaning that in total, more than 24,000 people should have been getting our news and information that we posted there daily.  But Facebook does a thing called “shadow-banning,” which means they purposely reduce your visibility if you’re a Christian or Conservative — even to those who have signed up to get your information.  My best guess is that out of more than 24,000 people, only about fifty or so were actually getting any of our posts.

We’ve since canceled our Facebook pages, and moved to uncensored social media sites.  These sites don’t have all the bells and whistles Facebook has; their servers are slower and they’re more difficult to navigate.  But they’re new… I’m sure we’ll see improvements if they’re allowed to continue to grow. You can now find Wisconsin Christian News and WCN-TV on “MeWe,” “MyLibertyPage” and “Wimkin.”  I hope, in the future, to add the social media sites called “GAB” and “USA.Life” as well.  These sites are uncensored and actually encourage conservative and Christian ideals.

God’s Word says we’re to have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose and reprove them. I know some feel it’s a good thing to continue to try to promote truth and share the Gospel on Facebook, in an effort to reach the lost.  But I’ve yet to see any hearts and minds changed through the use of Facebook.  And those who willfully deny the truth will not accept the truth, even when absolute proof is presented as evidence.  I hope that now you know a little more about the evil intentions of Facebook and those who operate it.  And even if you find yourself addicted, as so many are, I hope you’ll prayerfully consider closing your Facebook accounts and joining these other platforms, where at least so far, there seems to be no censorship or anti-Christian bias.  Alternative media is powerful and useful.  But we need to seek out the TRUTHFUL alternative media, and as Christ-followers, we should be supporting platforms that advocate for good and Godly things, rather than evil — no matter how subtly it may be disguised, or how handy it is.

Rob Pue

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