Democrats Must Not Win In 2024!

Sen. Bernie Sanders

As we anticipate the Presidential election of 2024, we need to keep in mind that the Democratic Party is overwhelmingly aligned with left-wing positions. The prominence of Bernie Sanders after decades as a maverick “Democratic Socialist” sitting on the sidelines and carping about our class struggle is a sign of the regressive politics of the Democratic Party.  It is having flashbacks to the Socialists of 100 years ago under Eugene V. Debs, and the left-wing wet dreams of Henry Wallace and his ilk that broke with the FDR and Truman wing of the Democrats in 1948. 

Pres. Joe Biden signed a pact to coordinate with the far left Sen. Bernie Sanders in July 2020, and thus moved away from any previous claims to be “centrist.”  His only remaining “centrism” is his expertise at being a mealy-mouthed conforming sycophant whose greatest claim to fame is his survival in top positions for over four decades.  He is glib, tends towards inappropriate comments, and, after 40+ years has no singular achievements except the title “Vice-President” after his name.  However, he has revealed himself, under the most generous possible interpretation, as having lascivious tendencies towards female children as well as grown women. 

The Democrats thus are stepping out with statist ideas at a time when we need more freedom from intrusion into and control over our lives by governmental bureaucracies. The paperwork alone associated with healthcare, federal and state income taxes, the census, land use, and, as a result of Dodd-Frank legislation, even opening bank accounts, is mountainous and repulsive to freedom-loving individuals.  We need restoration of the family, which is disintegrating right before our eyes.  While only 5% of children were being born outside the marriage bond in 1960, that percentage for the past 4-5 years has been 40%, an 800% increase. Male and female identities are under attack, and sexual immorality proliferates, including sex trafficking, pornography, and pedophilia. The vast number of abortions suggests not only an epidemic of violence and cruelty, but that millions will go to any length to satisfy their underlying sexual lusts.

And we need faith at a time when worship of God is either aggressively debunked by the left under Karl Marx’s rubric that religion is “the opiate of the people,” or is seen as a quaint anachronism appropriate merely for “bitter clingers”(Obama). Statistics, systems, and social engineering threaten our liberty in the USA and throughout the world.   

Further, individual rights are suppressed or altogether obliterated in the name of “collective rights.” By following this path, American collective rights then would be merged into a globalist one world order or global village (two different names for the same agenda). Collective rights is presented as a conceptual alternative to so-called selfish individualism. It has entered our schools and our workplaces. Cooperative learning is enforced in many classrooms where the students teach themselves in groups, and produce group papers, group booklets, or group videos. The teachers are not the source of the knowledge gained, but are considered facilitators.  Usually, one or two students do most of the work, but everyone in the group gets the credit. It’s a way of inculcating communist collectivism at the grassroots level.

Marxist-Leninism is the root of this thinking, but it has evolved through stages where it has been updated to include the homosexual agenda, so-called, radical feminism (as opposed to mere women’s rights), and increasingly the black power movement such as advocated in the 1960s by Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, and Stokely Carmichael has now moved forward by their spiritual children in the Congressional Black Caucus and by Black Lives Matter. Anyone who lacks in any area of life is exhorted to perceive himself or herself as a victim, and to claim the right to exert even violent pressure on those who, presumably, are not bearing the same or similar burdens.

Everywhere we turn, we see attempts to redefine all the basic terminology of society.  This redefinition originated in the philosophical school known as deconstructionism which was initiated by Martin Heidegger, a German philosopher who was pro-Nazi, but pushed into further reaches of absurdity by Michael Foucault and Jacques Derrida in France.  Words such as women, men, marriage, life, babies, race, oppression (even “hard work” is thought by some to be a term that indicates racism and a microaggression against African-American persons), truth, freedom, religion, and many other terms have been turned inside out. They have become so nuanced that the denotative sense of their meanings have been obscured. Thus civics has changed its meaning over time from the need to develop a good character in order to become a responsible participant in governmental and legal processes. Now, increasingly, civics means supporting governmental initiatives to bring about equality and “justice” in the American landscape of exploitation.

The administration of Barack Obama took this radicalization to a new level of implementation.  In 2012, there was a White House forum to discuss the remaking of our institutions of higher learning.  The forum was centered upon a 136-page report A Crucible Moment: College Learning and Democracy’s Future by The National Task Force on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement. This report openly states that earlier reviews of higher education saw these institutions in the context of the USA as a land of opportunity.  Now, the report claims, we are divided. There is a growing divide in our society.  The word “class” is not used, but clearly they are using the Marxist idea of class.  What has been the cry of the left for the past few years?  They are shouting that this is the land of exploitation, 99% are practically dispossessed and 1% — the rich elite – are sucking all economic vitality and fairness out of our society.  In so doing, they wish to draw our attention away from the millions of small businesses that are the mainstays of our economy.  And they also draw our attention away from the fact that as government has grown, so has crony capitalism, whereby government, with its contracts and legal prerogatives, increasingly gets to pick corporate winners and losers, and thus, in many ways is feeding wealth to the top 1%.

We are facing the paradox that as government intrusion into our lives has grown, at the same time license, not liberty, has grown.  Individualism has become diluted, and with that dilution, the sense of responsibility — moral responsibility — of the individual has weakened. A friend of mine who was a vice-president of a leading stock and bond brokerage firm in New York City complained to his boss that they were lying to their clients.  His boss solemnly told him that “it’s not illegal to lie.”  As people give up more of their freedoms in favor of monolithic government working hand-in-glove with vast, impersonal corporations, the individual gradually loses his or her sense of importance as a decision-maker, and this in turn leads to a diminished sense of duty. 

Is it too late for us to be restored as a nation?  Is it too late to come to our senses? One thing is certain: the Democratic Party agenda is a non-starter in our aspirations for happiness and a responsible future. It is going on a dark path of collectivism, deconstruction, and distortion.

Jeffrey Ludwig

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