Critical Race “Theory” = “Divide and Conquer”

CRT elaboration on a signboard

WHEN “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” was invented thousands of years ago, Satan probably already had in mind CRT 2021. It is the “DIVIDE” half of the equation. “CONQUER” follows soon after. And there are no “winners” in spiritual wars. Not on this side of Kingdom Come. The essence of CRT:

Remember the old tune, “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and don’t mess with Mr. in-between”? Academia has rewritten it. Now it’s “accentuate the negative, eliminate the positive, and whatever will be will be.” What is the end-game goal of the games they are playing?

I have a book, “The Coming Race War” by William Pannell. The subtitle is “A cry for reconciliation,” but reconciliation is the last thing public schools have in mind. Pannell, who was a professor at the so-called Fuller seminary in California, was pessimistic. As the back cover says, “Pannell believes the Los Angeles riot of May 1992 offers clear evidence that little has changed for blacks in the United States over the past thirty years. Despite good intentions and new programs following the urban violence and civil rights movements of the sixties, many blacks still feel disenfranchised, unequal . . .”

“FEEL” is the operative word there, and the goal of CRT appears to be to “stoke the flames of emotionalism, not facts. And the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Before LBJ’s “Great Society,” believe it or not, the black family was mostly an intact church-going one, and black kids were more literate than today’s urban youths. Times weren’t easy, but the bitterness wasn’t as common as it is now, when life is actually easier.

FATHERLESSNESS preceded the hopelessness that is preached in today’s secular public schools. I just read about another black minister (Decision magazine, 12/20; “Tony Evans presses on”). Evans and his wife founded a successful Dallas church in the 1980s, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Decision talked to him after the death of his wife:

“Tony knew how to love his family and provided for them in part because of his dad. He knew how to withstand racism during his youth because of his dad. ‘Son, you’re a child of the King,’ Arthur Evans would tell him when he couldn’t go inside a white restaurant in Baltimore. ‘If they don’t want royal blood in their restaurant, then don’t go in there.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a minister too, but I wonder how many black teens are even aware of that, or of the role of the churches in the civil rights movement? You can bet your boobs that CRT doesn’t give them any credit for the obvious strides made toward equality of opportunity (outcome always depended upon the individual, and it always will). You get out of life what you put into it.

The saddest, most maddening thing is, CRT takes time away from the teaching of “readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmatic” – or the true history of America’s Founding Fathers. Academia no longer denies dumbing down education; they’re doing it openly and almost boast about social promotion and the ending of standardized tests. Teacher’s unions probably can’t wait for the day when State Education Departments won’t even report on competency! See one of my columns on the subject:

P.S. Kudos to parents who continue to give their school boards a piece of their minds. 

PPS: This is still America. More to come!

Curtis Dahlgren

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