Created in His Image: Trinity

The symbol for the Trinity

Using a three-leaf clover, St. Patrick explained the Trinity of the Godhead, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (John 14, 1 John 5:7-8) Understanding the Trinity of God may better be understood by explaining the trinity of man, “Spirit, soul and body,” as “created in His Image.” And Scripture highlights why this is necessary in “knowing” God. (Matthew 7:21-23, 11:27)

“This wisdom is not of this world.” Paul elaborated on what Jesus declared (John 14): “But God has revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searches all things, yea, the deep things of God. For what man knows the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knows no man, but the Spirit of God. Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teaches, but which the Holy Ghost teaches; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 2:6-16) How can we have “the mind of Christ?” The Holy Spirit reveals this throughout Scripture. “Let this mind be in you all, which was also in Christ Jesus…” (Philippians 2:5)

What part of us lives when the body dies? Adam did not become a “living soul” until God “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life” (Genesis 2:7) and though the body dies, Jesus prepares a place for His Followers. (John 11:25-26, 14:1) Paul also declared he would rather be “absent from the body and at home with the Lord.” (2 Corinthians 5:1-10) See also 1 Corinthians 15.)

Paul defines the “whole” man as “spirit and soul and body” (1 Thessalonians 5:23). “The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord searching all the inward parts of the heart” (Proverbs 20:27), referred also as the “inner man” or “hidden man of the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7, Ephesians 3:15-19, 1 Peter 3:4, Ecclesiastes 12:7). Jesus emphasized this (John 4:24, 6:63).

“You have clothed me with skin and flesh and have knit me with bones and sinews” (Job 10:11-13) “But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty gives them understanding. Great men are not always wise: neither do the aged understand judgment. Therefore I say, Listen to me! I will also show my knowledge. …Who has put wisdom in the inward parts? Or, who has given understanding to the heart?” (Job 32:8-10, 38:36)

Being “Created in His image,” we “must be Born Again in the Spirit” (John 1:13-13, 3:3-7). Paul defined the Kingdom of God Jesus proclaimed throughout His Ministry: “For the Kingdom of God is not food and drink, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 14:17)

When He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation. Nor will they say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘There it is!’ For remember, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:20-21)  “All things are delivered to Me by My Father, and no one knows the Son, except the Father. And no one knows the Father, except the Son and he to whom the Son will reveal Him.” (Matthew 11:27, 1 Corinthians 2:6-16)

On the last and greatest day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water.” By this He spoke of the Spirit, whom those who believe in Him would receive. For the Holy Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified. (John 7:37-39)

“I have yet many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now. But when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. (John 16:12-13)  Then said Jesus to them again, “Peace be unto you: as my Father has sent me, even so send I you.” And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and said unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost: (John 20:21-21)

Consider Peter who denied Christ after the Day of Pentecost: “Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marveled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.” (Acts 4:13)

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