Contradictions and Absurdities We Live with in America – Including a Faux President

Contradictions and Absurdities


Why do we refuse to call abortion murder, if we call killing a pregnant woman and her unborn child – a double homicide?

Are they only ‘people’ depending on who kills them?

President Trump may have built the much-needed wall at our border, but the leftists and democrats built a much larger wall at the entrance to life with the infamous ruling of Roe V. Wade.


Why do we insist that people can change their sex by hormones, mental acceptance, and dress, when science, specifically DNA, will not corroborate this falsehood? Check the DNA – a man will always be a man; a woman will always be a woman.

Just who are we kidding about letting science have the last word?


Why do we use the term “woke” for a generation that has been lulled to sleep from childhood to post graduate levels by our predominantly liberal and left thinking academia? American youth are either in clusters or cloisters depending on who you ask, spread around the Catskills, in an enchanted little pipe dream hamlet we could refer to as, Van Winkleville. Changing words, culture and traditional norms does not mean you are woke – it means your party is in power for the moment and they have put the spell on their own progeny.

The woke are far too indoctrinated to notice that what they have become is, the generation lulled into a deep sleep by the ideological drug known as leftism.

Black Supremacists

When blacks exclude whites in an area on campus in cities or anywhere in the US, why don’t they see they have become the very definition of, “black supremacists” Phrases like “reverse discrimination” come to mind. Racism then becomes a human problem, not a white problem.

It has always been.

Reparations for families of slaves

If we insist on paying reparations to families of slaves, then should we not include those who died in the Civil War fighting against slavery? That would be more than a half million white people and some black soldiers. Some slaves went on to live productive lives, all of those who died fighting slavery did not enjoy the same fortune.

The families of nearly 600,000 white soldiers are satisfied with the honor of their sons – they are not asking for any money.

Border Crisis

We are told that climate change is a worldwide crisis. Covid-19 is such a crisis that we are still wearing masks after being vaccinated. But the Biden administration recently announced that we must stop using the word “crisis” as it relates to children in overcrowded holding cells on our southern border, and some found laying in the dust or wandering in the desert.

On what day in human history did dead, wandering, and abused children cease to be a crisis?

Kamala Harris as a ‘Superhero’

Americans were told that Harris oversees the recent surge of immigrants at the border. Since the surge began, she has not visited the border even once.

She has seen to it that all the children that arrive at the border get a copy of her booklet, adorned with her own cartoonish likeness on the cover. The title is “Superheroes are Everywhere”

We also know when children are trafficked, raped, sold, and abused at the border – ‘Superhero’ Harris has been conspicuously absent.

The book says that heroes are people that make you feel special, and they are people you can count on.

More than an absurdity or a contradiction – this is a crime.

Joe Biden as a President

Since his inauguration millions of Americans have become not depressed, but totally disgusted. Being both a writer and a publisher, this writer has noticed a trend. People still call Trump the President but, they still refer to Biden as Joe or Biden for the most part.

In fact, most of the nicknames reflect a sense that many Americans do not honor Joe Biden as president or as a man. They see him as a usurper or one who allowed cheating to bring him into the presidency.

Phrases like, fake president, faux president, illegitimate president, Obiden, Obama 2.0 are but a few. During his candidacy a list of 47 nicknames were published, we can only imagine the names that will emerge in time.

Someone used the phrase ‘the empty suit in the White House’ on news television this week, but that is not the worst.

We say that anyone who can continue to sanction almost 4,000 abortions per day and foster the deadly transfer of gender assignments in minors – is not just and empty suit.

It would be more accurate to say he is a man without a heart.

From the famed story of the Wizard of Oz we see the better definition of Joe Biden – without contradiction.

When a man’s an empty kettle
He should be on his mettle
And yet I’m torn apart
Just because I’m presumin’
That I could be kind of human
If I only had a heart

Author: Jack Haley

Biden, who seems to have no real love for Americans, is racing toward globalism and wrecking America’s economy, has at least one thing to his credit. He is good at storing things up. The authority for that conclusion comes to us from the pages of Holy Writ.

“But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God.” (Romans 2:5)


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