Cognitive Disconnects: Outlandish “Stuff” D-voters Claim to Believe

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“Only a nation on its knees can stand up to its enemies.” – author unknown

NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO WILL NOT SEE, said a man in the early 1700s. Nothing new to see here, is there? I’ve been making a list of outlandish statements by unrepentant Biden voters, such as:

– “The border is not open. People still have to go through the process” [When you can wade across the Rio Grande, not row, and there is no border, it’s an open border; many just skip the “process.]

– “There is no connection between a bonus to stay on unemployment and the unfilled jobs situation.” [even Governor Evers has said.]

– “Connecting Joe Biden to a 50 percent increase in gas prices is a conspiracy theory” [People who say that got Fs in economics 101.]

– “Your friendly local public school is not teaching Critical Race Theory” [we now call it “Keeping ’em on the Plantation.]

– “The Democrats are trying to save ‘democracy'”! [Only just not the democracy John Kennedy would recognize today.]

– “There was enough fraud to affect the 2020 election.” [So next time we’ll make sure there’s a lot more of it.]

– “The January 6th Committee is only trying to find out the facts.” [So they can hide them.]

– “The months-on-end BLM riots were ‘understandable’; Jan 6 was Pearl Harbor on steroids” [Milk it for all it’s worth, Uncle Joe.]

– “Holding Jan 6 protestors for a year without trials is the new normal for policing in America” [Amerika, the USSA?]


– “Unapproved covid medicines can be harmful to your health” [If you survive the Establishment’s protocols.]

– “It is a conspiracy theory if you say that there may be something conspiratorial about the origin, treatments, and lockdowns re the virus” [huh?]

P.S. You can probably think of other “white lies” and red herrings by the Establishment [the people who told us not to trust the Establishment in the 1960s and 70s.]

PPS: Only a nation on its knees before the Establishment is truly sane [Orwell paraphrased.]

Curtis Dahlgren

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Curtis Dahlgren
Curtis Dahlgren is semi-retired in the frozen tundra of Michigan's U.P., and is the author of "Massey-Harris 101." His career has had some rough similarities to one of his favorite writers, Ferrar Fenton. In the intro to The Fenton Bible, Fenton said: ​"I was in '53 a young student in a course of education for an entirely literary career, but with a wider basis of study than is usual. . . . In commerce my life has been passed. . . . Indeed, I hold my commercial experience to have been my most important field of education, divinely prepared to fit me to be a competent translator of the Bible, for it taught me what men are and upon what motives they act, and by what influences they are controlled. Had I, on the other hand, lived the life of a Collegiate Professor, shut up in the narrow walls of a library, I consider that I should have had my knowledge of mankind so confined to glancing through a 'peep-hole' as to make me totally unfit for [my life's work]." ​In 1971-72 Curtis did some writing for the Badger Herald and he is listed as a University of Wisconsin-Madison "alumnus" (loosely speaking, along with a few other drop-outs including John Muir, Charles Lindbergh, Frank Lloyd Wright and Dick Cheney). [He writes humor, too.]