Canada’s Trudeau says, “We trust in science” How did the world get along before science?

Justin Trudeau

Like any of the accomplishments of mankind we must learn that everything has its own time and space. Science is relatively new and has given us much. But to be sure, science comes with a few snafu’s and absurdities that in the hands of fools or politicians (often the same crowd) can do much damage.

Trusting science without question sounds too much like faith in a new god. Don’t look now, but that is exactly what it is. By any other name an idol is still an idol.

Let’s see if science ever made any mistakes.

Science Misspoke: Scientists said that only vaccines can give us help. All the while tens of thousands died needlessly waiting for a vaccine, while help from therapies were rejected. Those therapies include monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and Z-pak’s. The lives lost, are the certification that  science failed us – or was it just the politicians, who trusted only one kind of science.

Science lied to Covid victims: Dr. Anthony Fauci consoled the fears of an entire nation with the promise that masks would clear up the pandemic in about three short weeks. Years later, the whip cracking, belligerent enforcers of fumbled empirical nonsense, tell you to stay masked up, or suffer the many legal and social consequences.

To understand how science could be so wrong about the “pandemic” we have only to look in the rear-view mirror, at some former fabulous fumbles made by the empiricists.

Science lied to soldiers: The soldiers who stood by and watched atomic blasts were told there would be no risk to their health. Then came years of cancer and much suffering.

Science lied about blood: How many men and women trusted the scientist of their day as they used bloodletting to relieve fevers, high blood pressure and diseases?

Science lies about gender: One branch of science, psychiatry, says a man can think he is a women – so that’s what he is. But another branch of science, biology, says no matter what a man thinks his DNA will not lie for him. Once a man, always a man.

Who could have guessed that shortly after the 70’s sexual revolution got underway that sex would get so mixed up with sin that man had to throw one out completely in order to live? Now that there is no more sin – sex rules – you the boss. For now. (Heb 9:27)

Science sees rivers in the sky: Carl Sagan insisted for most of his lifetime that there were canals on Mars. Since satellites and Hubble, we now know – it’s just a desert.

Science lost its links: Since Darwin’s death in April of 1918 scientists have been looking for the transitional links for many of today’s creatures, especially those of man. After finding about 12 (depending on who you ask) there is still no accounting for the millions if not billions of remains that should be here in abundance. In fact, they should be everywhere. They are still nowhere to be found. It must be noted that even for the few that have been found, most have proven to be hoaxes.

Science lost its watch: Carbon 14 and Argon 10 testing has been proven to have many flaws. But now that trusting in science is peaking, we only need for scientists to declare in full official (if not completely pompous) terms how long ago an event took place.

Using prior philosophic postulation to determine when something happened, is just glorified guesswork. But nature does not agree. Dendrochronology (the rings in trees) does not agree that anything is older than the reported antediluvian period. That means all the geologic ages may have been just a short time before the flood.

Science is killing children: Ask any school kid what’s growing in  their pregnant mother’s tummy, and they will say, it’s a baby. Ask a scientist, and they will say, it’s a fetus. Scientist don’t seem to understand where or when life begins on earth, and these are the blokes we are trusting to hunt for the origins of life in the vast regions of outer space. You would think the brilliant ones might have stepped up to the bench to help the nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court make a much better decision in 1973. But the killing goes on.

Science gets the shape of things wrong: Much like bloodletting, phrenology was another pseudo-scientific excursion into goofiness. It was the belief that many things about a person’s character , could be determined by the shape and or the bumps on the head. It may be that the scientist who started this fanciful pipedream had a few bumps on his or her own head. But since medical science only learned about the importance of washing hands in the last century, we can be a little lenient with the  bumpy head people.

Science gets space and time all mixed up: Let’s get right to the point. Taking a trip to the closest star (Alpha Centauri) at the speed of light (not possible today) and back would take approximately 8.5 years each way. Upon return the astronauts would discover that our world is 400,000 years older than when they left.

Using this example, we can safely say that if we learn to go many times farther than Alpha Centauri, the earth and the sun would not exist when we return.

Our Bibles warn us that its time we are traveling through, and God judges us for what we do with that time. It is a very short time.

“The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.” (Psalm 90:10”

Science makes its biggest mistake in our generation: Science has given us many wonderful advances to help mankind but becoming a deity is not one of them. The biggest mistake of science is its recent marriage to politics.

When politicians hide behind their petted scientific view to move people around like sheep in a pen, it has gone beyond the pale.

The best way to explain this, is to remind us all, that it was science that gave us nuclear weapons, but it is politicians that have their finger on the button.

The deadly marriage of science and politics has produced one single and terrible portent.

Clearly, it is this.

The world has never been as unsafe as it is today.

Picture credit: The Japan Times

Michael Bresciani

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