Biden’s SOTU – A Walk Through the Valley of Blatant Lies and Obfuscation

Biden's SOTU 2022

The only redeemable part of Biden’s rambling was the accolades given to the proud and very brave people of Ukraine. Hearing him praise someone, anyone, was quite refreshing after a year of calling American’s racists, white supremacists, and terrorists.

But we must remember that Biden was not speaking to America – he was producing political slick for a political body. The rest of us must be satisfied with phony unkept promises of the past.

Anything after praise for the Ukrainians might be referred to as the state of confusion – not the State of The Union.

After Ukraine Biden Resorted to Ghosts and Boasts

No hype here, how he could mention fixing the southern border in one breath and in the next sentence talk about legalizing millions of people who broke our laws to enter the country, is a record accomplishment in the annals of incongruity.

He proceeded to tell how he would isolate Putin and teach him a lesson. With anger and fervor, a small man who could not get his own army out of Afghanistan without a great loss of life and equipment, threatened a man who is now fearlessly carrying out a very big invasion. It is a spectacular non-sequitur.

Perhaps he is still depending on his perception of the dumb American. He promised to help with gas prices by releasing up to 60 million barrels of oil. Since it is estimated that we use 90 million barrels of oil daily – anyone who applauded, needs a refresher course in fourth grade mathematics. But almost no one applauded. Sixty million barrels will help for about a day.

Another dose of confusion came when he said, gun manufacturers should be sued, when there is misuse of firearms. By this kind of logic, we should also sue barbers for bad haircuts and plumbers if our pipes rattle. Biden will make us the very kingdom of tort if we believe him.

The next shovel full of doublespeak came when Joe – oh so briefly – declared that all people should have the right to vote, and it should be secure. Those who carefully followed the outcome of the 2020 election know, that if Biden had his wish back then, he would not be president.

In the past week alone Wisconsin has discovered huge irregularities in nursing home votes.

In Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has been shot down by a judge who said, Arizona does have a right to investigate and prosecute any fraud that can be uncovered in that state.

While most states that are still investigating the 2020 outcome are besieged with intense resistance from the democrats, the evidence continues to mount.

Trump was the only serious enemy to Joe Biden’s campaign before the election – now the enemy is time.

It was only a matter of time before we discovered that President Trump did not collude with the Russians,

It was only a matter of time before we discovered the hype surrounding masks and mandates was a political tool more than a pandemic.

Many Americans believe it is only a matter of time before it is finally discovered and revealed (a much harder process) that Democrats cheated in the 2020 election.

Time also promises to bring Biden’s party into question in the nations mid-terms. It is a GOP snowball, an avalanche coming down the mountain and will balance the nation until the White House is once again brought up to a higher standard.

Time is Joe Biden’s worst enemy as he ages, but also time has revealed that Biden is in over his head. He is a very small man with a very big job and getting Nancy Pelosi to smile a lot, is not how to get the job done.

The Sycophants and the Jitterbug

Perched above and behind Biden were VP Harris and the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. It was the bubbling smiling duo, but Pelosi, it seems, could hardly contain her glee and the only thing conspicuously missing was the pom poms.

Joe seemed to love the applause, but he raced through the address at breakneck speed like someone who has symptoms of ADHD.

Before taking the podium, he went about shaking hands but something about that was very peculiar, He quickly smiled and seemed to acknowledge each person, but only briefly. He would turn away quickly, and it seemed that he was looking for someone. Each time he saw someone he knew well, he paused to talk.

It was apparent that he hardly knew any of those who approached him by name and needed to break away before he was embarrassed.

Biden, a cellar dweller, would not now, nor ever, be thought of as a people person, as was his predecessor Donald Trump.

What He Did Not Say – The Most Important Words Never Heard

Following the SOTU, Texas Senator Ted Cruz remarked about keywords that Biden completely ignored or very carefully but intentionally failed to include in his message.

The words were, crime, China, Afghanistan, and Israel.

These words indicate clearly that ignoring our greatest ally, failing with our former enemy, and cringing in the face of a world superpower are why Joe had nothing to say. But it is the crime in our streets that he had to brush over most of all.

We might say that even a U.S. President has certain limitations to his influence and power across the globe. But we cannot make excuses for anyone who possesses the tools to help Americans but leaves them behind and exposed to attackers and criminals.

Biden made excuses and even encouraged those who burned cities, rioted, and murdered citizens all in the name of “we don’t like it here anymore.”

Joe will not protect the 4000 Americans who die each day in this nation – Why utter a word about Ukrainians?

Nothing seems more grievous or incongruous than the inclusion of the words, abortion, and healthcare, being used in the same sentence.

The deaths of anyone and or anything on this planet can never be thought of as healthy.

Sixty million deaths since Rove V. Wade began in 1973, is not something anyone should brag about but promising more of it in the name of “women’s health” is undoubtedly blasphemous.

Yes, we expect Christians, Catholics, and deeply moral people to take this position on abortion. But we don’t need to be religious to see that it is a human issue, humanity should stop killing other humans for any reason. The fight against abortion is a humanitarian issue first.

A president who does not see this may be called Mr. President, sir, or any other acceptable protocol, but he is after all, a visionless usurper of authority that will give answer in the days ahead, for substituting political power and influence for protecting humankind.

“And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.” (Rev 20:11-12)

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