Best of Archive Series – Hitler Was a Choir Boy Compared to the Coming Final Dictator – Who is This Man and is there any way to Identify Him

the man of sin will come

Movies like ‘The Omen’ have gone far to spread the notion that the Antichrist is some powerful personage who comes through an occult-driven union between some chosen vessel of the Devil and some poor unsuspecting virgin adherent of the occult. Whew, not even close.

Antichrist has no interest or connection to any religion or the occult. He largely worships himself as most megalomaniacs do. He is a political and military genius who is deeply involved with the propagation of his own agenda. That agenda will be the implementation of an entirely new economic system that will sweep the globe. It will be accepted in all quarters of the world and will be geo-politically pervasive.

Most of the world will get on board his new economic ship without flinching. Some nations will be dragged in kicking and screaming, but all will be a part of it. His system will shoot up as himself like a flaming rocket but will last only seven years.

Who is this man and how can we identify him? Here are some gleanings out of the Bible that show us what we should be looking for. It should be noted that a deeply rebellious and secular world will be looking for this man very carefully as well. They will see him as everything the world really needs at that moment. Not possible you say?

Consider the post-World War One people of Germany. They were humiliated, beaten, and looking for a leader to pull them not just up, but up and over all the other people of the world; enter Adolph Hitler

Traits, attributes, and general personality characteristics of the antichrist

He has no interest in women in general. Some people believe he may be gay because of this. I believe he has no time for women because he is altogether too busy either wielding power or focusing on himself. (Daniel 11:37)

He is vicious and self-serving and violently uproots his rivals and political opponents. (Daniel 7: 20-24)

He is enamored with himself and the sense of his own self-importance. He could easily he considered as the king of megalomaniacs. (Daniel 7:lf,) (Revelation 13: If,) (2 Thessalonians 2: 3-4)

He has trouble speaking without blaspheming God, the people of God and anything connected to God. He is a prolific boaster of his own brilliance and self-worth. (Daniel 7:25)

He has only disdain for most commonly established civil laws of man, or moral laws of God. He attempts to change most of the rules and ignores the ones he chooses not to regard. He gives new definition to the word recalcitrant. (Daniel 7:20-24)

Things the antichrist will do during the inaugural or first part of his rise to power.

He makes a pact with the Jewish people and the apostate church this would be something of a protection agreement. He doesn’t keep the agreement, but it looks good to the rest of the world. (Daniel 9:27)

He gains the full support of another powerful figure called the false prophet. This man is from an entirely different nation and is probably a political figure or at the least a minister of science. The false prophet does some dazzling tricks and signs but passes the glory or the respect from those who are awed by his spectacularisms over to the antichrist. The false prophet is singularly his most powerful ally. (Revelation 13:11-15)

He is a class act in every way and gains the respect and admiration of the whole world. He draws them through his astounding abilities, his striking appearance, and by the help of demon spirits sent throughout the world to win the hearts of his adoring admirers. (Revelation 13:1-5)

He blocks or uproots either his rising opponents or those who are already in power. (Daniel 7:20-24)

The Omen movies and those like it are not accurate except in one way. There will be a final demon-driven ruler over the whole world before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Hollywood crowd has never been known for much accuracy in anything and there is little reason to trust them on the subject of Antichrist.

It will not be the few in his little inner circle that will adore and blindly obey this last worst dictator but rather it will be almost everyone in the entire world. Those who refuse to follow him will be slaughtered like cattle. But cattle they are not. They are still known as martyrs and their blood is precious to the Lord. Their reward and crown will be far above others in the coming Kingdom.

Michael Bresciani – First Published May 22, 2006


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