Americans Don’t Need to be Passionate Apologists, Just Simply Refuse to Support Any Untruth!

Russian Journalist Solzhenitsyn

Russian patriot Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote, “Like parasites, they [lies] can only survive when attached to a person. We are not called upon to step out onto the square, shout out the truth, and say out loud what we think—this is scary; we are not ready. But let us at least refuse to say what we do not think.”

Solzhenitsyn was a faithful Red Army Captain during World War II, but he was sent to a brutal gulag (prison camp) for criticizing Joseph Stalin in a private letter. After his release, he became a famous novelist and critic of Soviet Communism and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970.

Realistically, all honest lovers of truth will not be as blunt, bold, and brave as Solzhenitsyn. Still, surely principled people will agree with him not to condone, consider, and circulate stupid and dangerous lies.

This principle is similar to Immanuel Kant’s, “There are many things that I believe that I shall never sayBut I shall never say the things that I do not believe.”

Today, I am not looking for articulate apologists who are willing to assault leftist barricades by throwing their bodies on the barbed wire but simply looking for honest patriots who are unwilling to accept a lie as truth. That’s a good first step; maybe later, we will enlist warriors for the cause who will risk everything to make all truth important. But not now.

Just don’t recognize a lie as truth.

Radical leftists have pitted race against race to promote their plan to destroy America’s grand experiment in freedom. They have promoted critical race theory, making Whites feel guilty of offenses against Blacks that never happened. This gives cover for black racists to hate Whites without fear of being condemned as the racists they obviously are.

Our enemies have made everything about race—even when it isn’t. Their books, interviews, sermons, etc., are accepted by non-thinking Blacks; and the more extreme the statements, the better.

Black racists teach the first humans were black, and all other people departed from the original. Europeans, Greeks, Jews, and others are a degeneration from Blacks. The racist zealots declare without blushing that Beethoven was black, as was Alexander Hamilton, Robert Browning, Jerome, Cleopatra, etc.

Stop laughing. Those nuts are serious.

Additionally, all knowledge came from Africa, although African and Egyptian are often incorrectly used interchangeably. They do that so lazy and careless readers will think black when they read Egyptian. Modern black “scholars,” tell us that Egypt was “an entirely black affair.” Not so, Ramesses II was a tall redhead, and the famous Tutankhamen, as his mummy reveals, was blond.

Of course, these black fanatics claim credit for the pyramids and the knowledge and wisdom from Egypt. Black Nubians did rule as Pharaoh for a short period between 732 and 664 B. C., long after Egypt passed its peak and was in decline. The proponents are too ignorant or dishonest to admit that fact and are not willing to confess that black Africans made no significant improvement to Egyptian knowledge, wisdom, or progress.

Black zealots teach that the philosophical foundations of Western Civilization were taken from black Africans, and further hatred and bigotry are fostered by teaching that the white man is Blacks’ worst and bitter enemy. That is nonsense-on-stilts and an insult to honest and principled Blacks everywhere. For black racists to bend the future in their direction, they must twist the past. Such pathetic black leaders’ prattle reminds me of steaming, smelly doo-doo of cattle droppings hitting the barn floor with a decisive plop plop.

All lovers of truth, not only warriors for truth, should be willing to identify such lies when it is so apparent and harmful to others, which doesn’t take much courage.

And everyone should be careful where he steps.

A California medical school professor exemplified this cowardly problem when he apologized for saying women can get pregnant. After hysterical screams from the left, the kowtowing doctor changed his statement saying, “when people get pregnant.” The medical doctor continued to grovel, saying, “I don’t want you to think that I am in any way trying to imply anything, and if you can summon some generosity to forgive me, I would really appreciate it. Again, I’m very sorry for that. It was certainly not my intention to offend anyone. The worst thing that I can do as a human being is to be offensive.”

No, while being offensive is terrible, it pales compared to supporting a blatant lie. Moreover, it’s depressing, disgraceful, and disgusting to see a grown man, a man of some ability, capitulate to the whining, sob-sister crowd.

Note, the professor did not confess he was affirming one of the silliest, nonscientific boondoggles in human history: men can get pregnant. Some students graduated from that medical school thinking a normal man could become pregnant without a major body transformation. One of his students may become your physician in the future.

That medical professor is a woke, weak, weeping, whining weasel. For city slickers, a weasel is a short-legged, active predator considered a pest that eats bird eggs and farmers’ chickens and eggs. Polecats are in the same species, and for the untutored, a polecat is known as a skunk in the South.

Weasels were introduced into New Zealand, where they are a significant threat to native wildlife; consequently, the country intends to eradicate them by 2050. That’s what needs to be done to weasels in the medical profession, and I would gladly add the ministerial profession and university professors.

The medical professor is a skunk. Now, I don’t expect you to agree with me, but surely you will not nod in consent at the professor’s stupid remark. Note, I am not asking you to call out the professor and challenge him to a debate at the local university. Just don’t give the medical moron any encouragement in his flight into insanity.

That is the principle Solzhenitsyn asked people to recognize. No protests, no letters to the editor or university president, no phone calls to the school trustees—just don’t admit to a stupid, silly, serious lie.

Is that too difficult for reasonably decent people to do?

That virus in California has skipped all the way to North Carolina.

The College Fix reported that the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Medicine crafted a “Task Force to Integrate Social Justice into the Curriculum” to teach students that sex organs are not necessarily gender-specific. So, the stupidity cannot be charged to the typical west coast madness. Maybe that wokeism (an oppressive mind-virus) is a mind-destroying virus circulating in the university crowd.

However, I’m sure Dr. Fauci is working on a “safe and effective” vaccine as I write.

University of California, Los Angeles professor Kara Cooney was criticized for claiming in her book, The Good Kings, that Kyle Rittenhouse shot two black men instead of three white men. She referred to it as a “tiny detail of the book with a big mistake about a massive American issue.”

Sure, a “tiny detail.” That’s like the man who told police their party “got a little out of control” when one of the party-goers was decapitated!

Fox News reported Cooney told readers to “consider 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who used his semi-automatic weapon to kill two Black men in Kenosha, Wisconsin while waging a glorious race war on behalf of his inherited White power.” No, Kyle killed two white men and wounded another in self-defense.

I will not ask you to protest with me in support of the second amendment or to advocate for self-defense laws or “stand your ground” laws. Just recognize the professor, who is dumb as a box of rocks, should be demoted to a teacher’s aide (without tenure) in a pre-k class in the most dangerous public school in Los Angeles.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice  Sonia  Sotomayor repeatedly lied during oral hearings of the U.S. Supreme Court in January, or she was pathetically uninformed. Either reason disqualifies her as a Supreme Court Justice after being appointed to the Supreme Court because she is female and a minority.

In the Vaccine Mandate Oral Argument Hearing, the liberal justice declared vaccines stop the transmission of COVID, which Appalachian hillbillies in the most distant, dense, and deepest hollows know to be untrue.

But the esteemed justice was not finished, adding, “We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition, and many on ventilators.” No, even CNN admitted the number was “fewer than 5,000″ COVID-infected children in the hospital. A few days later, the CDC Director confirmed the number was “under 3500.”

Sotomayor compounded her silliness by saying, “Omicron is as deadly and causes as much serious disease in the unvaccinated as Delta did.” No, the Washington Post corrected her giving her four Pinocchios, the paper’s worst rating for lying. Informed people have known that in South Africa, the Omicron variant has been less severe than other variants.

Sotomayor  warned that vaccination for COVID would stop the spreading of COVID, but the  CDC warned: “anyone with Omicron infection can spread the virus to others, even if they are vaccinated.” And some fully vaccinated people have been infected repeatedly.

What compounds the tragedy, in addition to her being in a very high position, is that no one corrected her! All the other Justices knew she was lying or exposing her abysmal ignorance and embarrassed the Court and the nation, yet no one said anything. Surely one of the active attorneys should have corrected her, but it may not be wise to correct a superior. But a secretary or one of the guards should have corrected her if they had any love and commitment to truth. Obviously, everyone else thought they would let it slide since it might embarrass a collogue.

She should be booted from the Court for stupidity since there is no cure for that.

Sotomayor has embarrassed the Court with her absurd remarks, and it seems no one in the same political and social group as Sotomayor is willing to call her out for her lies. By keeping quiet, such people are acquiescing to those lies.

Whatever caused Sotomayor’s untrue, unbelievable, and unhelpful lies also influenced Justice Stephen Breyer to claim there were “750 million new cases [of COVID] yesterday, or close to that.” No, the actual number was 727,863, just a few million off. At least he is leaving the Court for sunny days playing shuffleboard with little old ladies in Fort Lauderdale. Sotomayor should join him.

I suggest someone hang an elegant banner in the august court: “No truth Permitted Here.”

Tragically, two Supreme Court Justices made fools of themselves, but the tragedy is magnified because no one dared yell, “That’s a lie.” To their credit, the Washington Post and other media called them out for their falsehoods.

The other tragedy is that the Court was sitting in judgment on Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate!

Recently, the world was shocked when Biden’s Supreme Court nominee could not give a definition of a woman. Wow, she is supposed to represent all black women but can’t define herself! She is a pathetic embarrassment to America and black women in particular. But I’m not asking you to protest her appointment, just to recognize the tragic circumstances and have enormous pity for her.

Even more shocking is that Biden, leader of the free world, has endorsed the mutilation of eight-year-old children to change their gender if they desire. He says they were “made in the image of God” and deserve our support. Well, if they were made in God’s image, it seems logical that they continue in His image, not have body parts chopped off in a crazy scheme to attempt to become the opposite gender.

No, I’m not looking for recruits in the Battle for Truth, only people who are unwilling to go along with sacrificing truth at the altar of a pretended tolerance. Each of us must choose between good and evil, beauty and ugliness, truth and error, and must live with the free choices we make.

Solzhenitsyn suggested if we keep silent about evil and bury it deep within us, the evil will rise up a thousandfold in the future. He added, “When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers . . . we are ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”

So, he was not asking for volunteers to throw their bodies on the barbed wire and fling grenades at the enemy, but surely you can quietly go on record of saying, “That is not true.”

At a later date, we will seek warriors willing to risk everything for the cause of removing the idiots, liars, incompetents, drunks, moral lepers, thieves, and self-servers from public office.

For today, just be willing to never tolerate an untruth by anyone. Are you such a person?

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