Academania’s new term for dissent is “civic fracture”: Here we go again

people are casting their vote

“It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt . . a usurper is soon found.” – President Monroe’s first inaugural address

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, my “smart phone” suggested a Daily Cardinal article: “Civic fracture is growing among Wisconsinites, according to a new University of Wisconsin report” (4-17-23, by Tomer Ronen). It was about a UW poll. The gist of it was that disagreement – dissent – is bad and compliance is good. I stopped reading when I got to this:

“We’re seeing election laws and who’s allowed to vote oftentimes determining elections rather than the will of the people. Fear was another barrier of political participation among some voters. Over 30% of Black, Jewish, and Muslim voters surveyed in the state of Wisconsin said they avoided politics because of this reason. This really is troubling because it suggests that certain people are being disenfranchised, and that’s part of a broader political agenda to make sure certain voices aren’t heard . . . “

YOU CAN TELL where that’s going, can’t you? But what more can you expect from the Daily Cardinal? l did some writing for the Badger Herald when it was the conservative rival in the early 70s. Now there isn’t much “disagreement” between the Herald and the Cardinal, and that’s a good thing according to Academania.

“Voter suppression” is of course a classic myth in the victimhood rhetoric of the DNC. And I’m sure the article says nothing about violence to pro-life help centers, intimidation of Christians, or voter fraud. The Left fears imaginary dangers to “democracy” (sic), but crime, $32 trillion in debt, and voter intimidation by Antifa and BLM are no big deal? Also, politically weaponized federal agencies and Big Tech censorship of speech is “no problem” for the Lefties because they are now in control of it all. This is how whole civilizations are lost to dictatorships. They just go by other names than Communism now. The public school curriculum equates with gifts-in-kind to the Dimmacrat party. That’s illegal, but they arrest Donald Trump on trumped up charges (no pun intended). What’s scary is that the Daily Cardinal is written and edited by Journalism school students.

The Woke narrative is “Blend in; don’t stand out. Sit down and shut up or we will make a target out of you.” And that’s supposed to be the opposite of “civil fracture”?

P.S. A proposed bill in the Michigan state senate aims to require employers to share employees’ name, home address, cell phone number, work address location, and personal email address with labor representatives every 90 days.” The easier to harass you if don’t blend in? Radicals have been known to go to the homes of notables and threaten them. And if they ever decide to actually come after you, well . . . (?)

PPS: What more could be fairer? Someone said that you rarely have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write. For me, the middle of the night is 10:30 pm.

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