Abortion Doctors and Vladimir Putin – Both, Deadly for Children

strollers of dead children in Ukraine

With children all around him and some on his knee, it is recorded that Jesus Christ uttered these well-known words.

“And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” (Mark 9:42)

The words “little ones” compels us to ask the simple question – how small do they have to be? If smaller than a breadbox will do, then just how small can we go? A few centimeters or an inch or two?

Trying to qualify our answer leaves us in a philosophic quandary that ultimately makes fools of us all. Jesus gave no indication of what he meant by “little”

We have decided the lack of a clear-cut definition has provided a safe place to hide from the light of reason, humanity, and God himself.

Next, we add a handy familiar modern man mantra, a very “scientific” word indeed – we call the tiniest of us all, a fetus.

Never has a word provided more cover for a guilty generation of abortionists, who now have succeeded in ending the lives of over sixty million “little ones” since 1973

Now, one state has decided that we can let them get a little bit bigger than a breadbox and thus the title for this heartbreaking article. “Maryland Bill Would Legalize Infanticide, Babies Could be Left to Die Up to 28 Days After Birth”

After sixty million abortions, isn’t it about time we pondered the words “little ones” in this passage? But while we are doing that, should we also take a hard look at the word “millstone” – just how big, and just how heavy are millstones?

What would cause anyone to completely disregard the lives of the innocent?

Because little has changed in our world, and the hearts of men are just  as wicked in these days as they have ever been, the question is easy to answer.

When the Ancient King Herod was told where the prophets said the Savior of the world was to be born, he sent his soldiers to slaughter the children of that town

Herod feared the loss of his own power and the lives of children was a small price to pay to retain that power. Their would be no other king to usurp his power.

Vladimir Putin fears the loss of power over the once powerful Soviet bloc, and that power is also blinding him to the suffering of others, including children.

In America and other countries which allow unbridled abortions, it is also the fear of lost power that drives the massacre ever onward.

In a society of women that fears the loss of the “right to play without the need to pay” – the thinly veiled excuse of healthcare or women’s rights does little to cover the real reason, which has always been the fear of losing power to conduct themselves irresponsibly. They will never let that personal power slip out of their hands.

Because the hearts of Americans have grown hardened and callous to the slaughter of children through abortions, it would seem that a few hundred children dying in a war zone wouldn’t raise much concern.

But then, along comes Vladimir Putin sending his Russian Air Force and guided missiles to destroy the “little ones” so indiscriminately, that it seems he is trying to catch up to the abortionists of the west.

The shelling of buildings and homes is so prevalent, that now it is not possible to accurately detect how many children have been killed.

A Mariupol theater, clearly marked with the word “children” was shelled, and the number of kids killed there is yet unknown.

The next question is why the littleness of aborted babies hasn’t been a warning to us.

If we are willing to mark buildings with the word “children” to keep bombers away – should we mark the bellies of pregnant women with the words “little ones” to keep the abortionists away?

In our world of cold hard realities perhaps we should rather mark the abortionists and Mr. Putin with the words “child murderers”?


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Picture credit: “Empty baby strollers in Ukraine.” Breaking Latest News

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