A Country Without a Border, A President Without a Backbone, A Political Party that Runs on Hatred – The New America?

the blood cries out

Democrats acting disgracefully, without dignity, or decorum exude hatred and vindictiveness toward our former President like a gushing broken sewer line – and they call that politics.

Millions of “asylum seekers” pour across our borders having just paid a small fortune to a coyote or fixer of some kind. They arrive looking plump, well fed, and clothed, then they are handed a credit card, a phone, a bus ticket, and a big smile from the mayor of some sanctuary city – all at the expense of John Q Taxpayer.

President Biden goes for a photo-op at the “border” where he spouts some empty platitudes. The lackey news people rush behind him to lick his boots and then report to us, that just like his DHS Secretary told us – the border is closed!

By now, you can see, the title of this article – is not extreme.

The Voice of Blood – No Mere Metaphor

In the old world, the first murder caused God to exclaim that the blood of human beings figuratively – has a voice.

When Cain came against his brother Able, killed him and left his body to rot in an open field, this is how God replied to him.

“And he said, what hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.” (Gen 4:10)

The blood of the innocent still cries upward to God in this day. Now, we see people across the media calling upon Joe Biden to account for the blood of many who were slain, wasted, and forgotten by an administration that looks more sullied by the day.

The blood of 13 brave U.S. servicemen lost to Biden’s clumsy and costly withdrawal from Afghanistan cries out.

The blood of the victims of the fentanyl that is pouring over the U.S. border is crying out.

The blood of hundreds of young Americans driven to suicide by gender dysphoria by whacky psychology that thinks these youngsters are struggling with a need to switch their sexual identity, cries out.

The blood of the un-born is still crying out in some states who are adding daily to the death count of 60,000,000 human beings, killed by other human beings since 1973.

The blood of faithful Christian people is crying out across the globe, while this administration is scrambling to find ways to help a terrorist organization (Hamas) find a way out of its own well warranted demise.

But, this week in America stories came forth across the country, of innocent children, students and elderly slaughtered by illegal immigrants who came here for “asylum” – but gave us death.

Laken Riley’s Blood Cries Out

The story that seems to grieve most Americans is of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old student killed in Clarke County, Georgia. Her killer Jose Antonio Ibarra was an illegal immigrant who viciously dis-figured and bludgeoned her to death.

Her blood cries out to us, but more specifically it cries out to Joe Biden for his feckless and dangerous border policies, that directly led to her death. Biden stands in his bully pulpit and declares that since he is very old, he is naturally bound to have much wisdom, and there are so many things he knows.

Perhaps we should remind him of this old adage.

“People don’t care about what you know, until they know how much you care.” – Anon

After three- and one-half years of Bidens best, we know one thing for certain…

Joe Biden doesn’t care at all.

Michael Bresciani

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